Rumbo a Mutek 2014: entrevista con Egyptrixx


David Psutka, mejor conocido como Egyptrixx, es un productor que se caracteriza por transmitir atmósferas sonoras abstractas. Cuenta con dos álbumes: Bible Eyes (2011) y A/B til Infinity (2013), además de contar con un proyecto con Ian McGettigan de Thrush Hermit, con el cual lanzó el disco Language en el 2012.

Egyptrixx se presentará en Mutek México 2014 en el evento A/VISIONS 4 + PARA/VISIONS 2 + NOCTURNO 2.

Lean la entrevista que tuvimos con Psutka:

Noiselab: How do you begin to do music? What was your inspiration?

Egyptrixx: Usually with rules – the egyptrixx material exists within pretty narrow sonic and compositional parameters – it’s hard for me to work any other way. With these records, I’m focused on this overlap between concussive and tranquil feelings in music and formally, I like the texture and physical pressure of sound.

N: What gear do you use?

E: I’m pretty open about using different bits of equipment, whatever seems fun really – Some of my current favorites: EH superego pedal, Roland sys-100 synth, Roland JX3P, and various acrylic instruments.

N: It’s important the visual? for the videos, live shows, etc.

E: Visual shows can be interesting, I like doing them because the visual collaborations with ANF are centrally important to this project. They’re cool.

N: What can we expect for your presentation in Mexico?

E: I’m not sure just yet what the set will be like, but I’ll probably be playing some new material.



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