#plylst 068: The Bixby Knolls


La semana pasada tuvimos una plática con The Bixby Knolls en su segunda visita a nuestro país, y también nos dejaron un plylst con una lista de sus canciones preferidas, acompañado de un mensaje de Curt, vocalista y líder de la banda:

I’d like to believe that The Bixby Knolls have a very collective, eclectic taste in music. We listen to tunes all over the map and that span many decades. Each member of the group has their own tastes, but we do cross over together and that is what this playlist reflects. Basically, there are not many punches thrown for control over the car stereo…maybe for other things, but not the tunes.

As we’ve recently finished a tour in Mexico, most of these selected tunes were the soundtrack of our travels. We drove from Los Angeles to D.F. and as you can imagine, had plenty of time to soak in some music along the way with some intense scenery. If you were in a van with The Bixby Knolls for about 96 hours cutting across the vast Sonoran desert, or the beautiful rolling hills of Michoacan, or the rain soaked alleys of Guadalajara to the neon-lit grandeur of D.F., you’d most likely have heard these tracks at least a couple times over.

We sincerely hope you enjoy!

Curt (The Bixby Knolls)

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